Emerging Technology Program
The Nicor Gas Emerging Technology Program (ETP) uses a screening, scoring, and selection system – a.k.a. 4S or Ready, Set, Go for simplicity. The process is briefly explained in the diagram below. The 4S system will process a range of project applications and help determine which are developed into pilot assessment projects.
Ready: The Ready process is a short, mostly yes/no questionnaire that can be completed in approximately 5 minutes or less. It gathers some basic information about the emerging technology that is being proposed for inclusion in the Nicor Gas Emerging Technology Program. After this questionnaire is completed and submitted, it will be automatically reviewed to determine if it meets the necessary program requirements. If so, the applicant will immediately be directed to the Set stage. If not, the applicant will receive automatic feedback on any areas of concern.

Set: The Set process requests further details about the emerging technology under consideration. The data request form at the Set stage asks for specific quantitative information, such as the installed price of the technology, its estimated service life, estimated annual natural gas savings, and other key questions. Once the applicant completes this form, they will be directed to a customer feedback survey to solicit any user feedback and help us identify any needed improvements. The information gathered in the Set process will be reviewed by an ETP team member. The applicant will hear back regarding the status of their application within 2 to 4 weeks after submittal if the ETP team plans to recommend their application proceed to the Go stage.

Go: The Go process is handled jointly by the applicant and the ETP team. Information that was gathered at the Set stage is reviewed and additional, third party data sources are used to make the review even more robust. The applicant will hear within 4 to 8 weeks of initial submittal if the ETP team plans to recommend their application be made into an ETP pilot assessment project. The ETP team presents final recommendations and proposed Action Plans to the Technical Review Committee, which will make the final endorsement of which applications are selected as pilot assessment projects. Applicants will be notified promptly as final decisions are made.

If you are not ready to apply, but would like to preview the forms, PDFs are available below.
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